3D Printing Services

High Quality. Low Cost. Fast Turnaround.

Direct Print

Bring your
IDEAS to life.

Direct print makes it easy to start on-demand production. Direct Print is the ideal solution for prototyping your next product or small runs of plastic parts for a project that requires 50 units or less.

Volume Print

Volume Print allows you to move from idea to production without hassle. Our team will guide you through the process of manufacturing up to 10,000 pieces.


Whether you make a promotional item or an engineering part for end use, we have the right plastic for your job.


Our environmentally friendly and affordable PLA is great for toys, prototypes and more. And when extra strength parts are required for projects, look no further than our ABS, PETG and TPU plastics, which offer high abrasion resistance, heat resistance and long- term durability.

We offer special parts in engineering materials such as ULTEM, PEEK, Carbon-X

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General purpose, affordable, biodegradable

40 Colors Available


Strong affordable,

10 Colors Available


ABS alternative, durable, temperature resistant

5 Colors Available


Tough, rigid, abrasion resistant

2 Colors Available