Who We Are

3D PRINTDXB provides end-to-end advanced manufacturing solutions that leverage design, additive manufacturing, and metrology to reduce product design cycles, enhance prototyping capabilities, improve production efficiency, and maximize supply-chain flexibility.

We have helped our customers reinvent the way they produce jigs and fixtures, prototypes, and tooling while creating opportunities to benefit from bridge tooling, low-volume production, supply chain reorganization, and on-demand digital inventory.


Our Mission

Using industry-leading additive manufacturing and metrology technologies, we are dedicated to assisting organizations in leveraging the revolutionary power of advanced manufacturing.

We provide your company with the knowledge, tools, and resources it needs to change the way it imagines and develops new products and ideas.
You can focus on sustainable growth with a unique competitive edge suited for today's global economy when you partner with our team.

What We Do ?

Product Development

3D PRINTDXB delivers the product development tools needed to compete in one of the most demanding business categories, which is typically at the heart of today's most successful businesses.
The main attributes that constitute leadership in this industry are superior product innovation, efficiency, and time to market.


Additive manufacturing is slowly but steadily becoming the way of the future.
The design freedom afforded by today's quick prototyping and 3D printing technologies serves as the foundation for limitless short-run production options.


For a long time, 3D PRINTDXB was thought of as a source of 3D engineering solutions.
Prior to increasing our business offerings, we concentrated on the engineering tools that were shaping innovation at the time.
The technology is impressive in and of itself, but the applications that result from it are the backbone of engineering.